David Kirschner (robutt) wrote in ptc_kids_unite,
David Kirschner

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aaaaahahahahaha PTC kids UNITE!!!!

i can't believe someone made a PTC community. You are my hero. That is so funny. I'm from PTC, my mom lives there and my brother unfortunately is still in highschool there, but he'll be gone soon. All you kids need to get as far away from there as possible. So, finish highschool and go to college. Don't be a lame PTC dropout and turn into a rich middle class pothead redneck thug and end up working at Kroger or K-Mart or one of the Waffle Houses when you are 21 still living with your parents. God. I know life is hard in PTC. The MAN is always trying to hold you down. Next time i come back, who wants to have a golf cart race and pop golf cart wheelies!?!?!?
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