David Kirschner (robutt) wrote in ptc_kids_unite,
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oh no, my golf cart!

NOOOOOOOOOO i think it would be easier to die now than to go on living because I talked to my mom today cause im comin back for mother's day and THE GOLF CART IS GONE! DAMMIT! apparently it struggled up its last hill and somehow is dead. It's not just the battery, but im no expert on golf cart mechanics, so now i can't drive it around and pop golfcart wheelies anymore. What the hell am I supposed to do all weekend? Play guitar all weekend and see if any of my old acquantances still live at Waffle House? Steal a golfcart? Team up with fellow graffitiers from back in the day? Go to Blimpie and hang out with the owners and the people that work there now? Ravage the toy aisle in K-mart? K-mart tag? sigh. DAMMIT i want my golf cart. now i have to drive or walk everywhere. and its hot outside. DAMMIT. or i can ride my bike. the one with the spoke beads and tassals. sweet, i am so pimp. goin to watch movies now - you got served and eurotrip - dollar theater RULES
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that sucks. welcome to my life. j/k. exept for the no golf cart thing. KMART tag is fun though. don't walk. this is why we have pollution and cars.
haha so you're saying i should contribute to polluting PTC? but what happens when the bubble gets full of bad air? cause we know PTC is really a huge bubble separate from the outside world. i went on a nice golf cart path walk last night at like 1:00. it made me happy.
i'm not saying you should contribute. just saying that's the reason why we have it. damn curfew. i can't be out at 1 cuase i'd get probation. if i would get caught.
yea, ill try not to contribute to pollution...so another walk tonight! man breaking curfew is fun! its easy not to get caught too, you just hide if you hear comeone coming, or if you're on the road, go behind a tree if you see a car comin...i used to sneak out all the time when i lived here. and if you're doing anything illegal, besides the act of curfew violation itself, just be careful. and if you DO get caught, then say you're just going for a walk, or lie about your age. then tell the cop to look over there, and run the other direction. yea. so. break curfew at your own discretion. have a nice night.