David Kirschner (robutt) wrote in ptc_kids_unite,
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a ptc dream...

HA! i had a dream. my mom and i were walking down the street in PTC and i tripped and fell hard and yelled "FUCK!" she gasped, and scolded me, like "david! you cant say that kind of thing here!" i was like "what?" and i looked around and old people and parents with their little kids were all giving me nasty looks. there it is. anyone graduating friday? im going to be down for starr's mill's graduation, so congrats to you all who walk! oh yes, any music people want to jam this weekend?, im ok at guitar and like meeting people to play with. mostly hardcore and metal. ok, thanks, later.
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i'm graduating from McIntosh on friday...and i think i've seen you post in the UGA community, yeah? that's where i'm going this fall.
you ah correct suh. ive seen you post in the UGA community too, good job on getting in. you have a major yet? no pressure! you staying in dorms?
thanks...yeah, majoring in magazine journalism, and yes staying in dorms but i don't know which hall yet. i think i find out in july.
i'm not graduating, but i plan to be at starr's mill graduation. cause i go there. we should meet up. and i play guitar. kinda. i can play some. not too well, cause i only took for like 6 months, but i know my power cords. :). and a few good songs.

ps. that's a funny dream. sounds exactly like something that would happen here.
omg, so i know you know, but i didnt talk to you before graduation, but did you still go? wasnt the rain LAME?! im about to write an entry about it.
i couldn't go because we didn't have rides (me and my 8? friends). and we would of had time to go and eat and such and get back in time to see the graduation. plus it started raining. but now i kinda feel bad because my cousin was graduating and i didn't get to see her. :(

ps. i don't know if you're on my friends list yet, but i'm going to add you if not.