David Kirschner (robutt) wrote in ptc_kids_unite,
David Kirschner

Friday in da hood

So, i went to Starr's Mill's graduation tonight, and it rained. off and on, but mostly on. on me. and the thousand other people. everyone was wet mostly because of everyone else's umbrellas dripping onto the people around them. you fight for the lowest position of your umbrella so no one can cut under yours and drip on you. Then when you stand up, rain gets on your seat, and you sit back down and get your butt wet. my mom, my dad's parents and me watched my brother graduate. my dad never showed up. what a great dad, thanks. im sure danny thanks you too. Speeches were long, but somewhat entertaining, way better than the ones the people in my class gave, and...yea, nothing exciting happened. i saw a few people from when i was in school but didnt make the effort to talk. Then i met up with 3 of my best friends, one down from wyoming, who every time i see, is more and more ripped. its impressive. he is huge and he used to be as skinny as me. we have videos of me and him wrestling and always having a stalemate, but now i would be destroyed. anyway, we went on a "mission." we used to do "missions" all the time when we lived here. "missions" usually involve some funny prank or destruction that we find amusing and catch on video. so, we drove chris' golf cart from his house to wal-mart, which took about an hour, and we drove down the middle of 74 with cars lined up behind us part of the way. it was awesome and i bet we pissed them off. i love golf carts and golf cart paths so much. so we get to wal mart, find the best pink color spray paint we can, and head over to waffle house for some...waffles. chris managed to spend $10 on a meal. just get the triple hash browns dude! its like $3! and they rock my world! by now its about 3 AM and we drive over to our victim's house, a guy we have mailbox wars with - this mission i dubbed "Pretty in Pink." We made his white boring mailbox into a happy gay pink one HAAAAAAAHA it is so awesome. the second the pink hit the white, we all busted out laughing uncontrollably. But it looks awesome now. The trademark for mailboxes is to fill them with pinecones - sharp ones. so we drove back to chris' house, now like 4:30AM, and got the camera and filled a bag with pinecones. drove back, filled the mailbox, took incriminating photos, now im home. Tonight ruled. looking forward to nice cart path walks the next few nights til i go back home.
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