roomfortheprey (roomfortheprey) wrote in ptc_kids_unite,

random as crap: who likes lostprophets?

being in PTC sucks for the summers after you go away to college sucks so much.  at least i only have a week left before NYC and Europe.

anyway, point of this is:  i am currently carless since both of my parents work and i don't have one at school.  i just got myself on the list for Lostprophets' Live X at the 99X studios tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m. (without really trying) and get to take a guest.  if anyone with a car wants to go see them (entirely for free) or knows anyone who would want to...please do let me know.  as far as i know, none of my friends from McIntosh like them or they're not around for the summer. 

aim:  farah8691.  phone:  404-518-5277.

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